iTOOLco Cannon 10K™ 10,000 lb. Wire Puller

Code: 42-1935


  • Cannon 10K™ wire puller
  • Universal adapter – for loads under 5,000 lb.
  • 5 Conduit adapters sizes 2″ through 4″ (5″ & 6″ also available)
  • Powered by a 20 amp, 2 speed coring motor with built-in slip clutch
  • Foot switch (UL standard)

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  • 4 Speed dual capstan
    – 9′ & 18′ (per min.) on low speed
    – 20′ & 40′ on high speed
  • Self contained – ready to pull
  • Quickly change from side pull to overhead, underground or truck hitch
  • No gang box of parts
  • Adjustable wheels act as a counter-balance for a 15 lb. working weight
  • Pulls out almost 10′ of extra wire
  • Universal adapter – sits on the conduit lock nut, fits a wide range of sizes, and often eliminates the need to use the conduit adapters on lighter pulls


  • No anchoring required in most situations
  • Easy to transport
  • Ergonomic balance point
  • Telescoping and collapsible
  • User stands to the side during pulls
  • Easily maneuvers into tight spaces


  • No disassembly, fully self-contained no gang box full of parts
  • Open front conduit adapters allow for easy removal at the end of the pull from the top, eliminating the need for any disassembly to pull additional wire
  • Super duty puller will perform on every wire pull
  • Collapsible – stores and transports easily
  • Interchangeable components for adaptability on the job site
  • Works best with iTOOLco Pull Slick Rope
  • Easily extend boom with 2.5″ rigid conduit
  • 10’6″L x 30″W (fully extended), 308 lb.

NOTE: Patented