Lincoln Electric LN-25 Portable Construction Wire Feeder

Code: 38-7976

Semi-Automatic Wire Feeder With Contactor and Gas Solenoid

  • For MIG and flux-cored arc welding processes using up to 44 lb. spools
  • Selectable dial for setting low range, 50–350 ipm wire feed speed or high range, 50–700 ipm wire feed speed
  • For use with Magnum® flux-cored and MIG guns
  • Dimensions: 14″H x 7.4″W x 21″D
  • Net Weight: 35 lb.
  • Wire Speed Range: 50–700 ipm
  • Wire Size Range in.:
    Solid: .023-1/16, Cored: .030-5.64
  • Input Power: 15–40 V DC, 110V DC Max. OCV
  • Output Capacity Current/Duty/Cycle: up to:
    360 Amps @ 60%

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