Mahindra TR 1626 HST Tractor, 25.9HP, with Loader, Backhoe, 16″ Bucket & Industrial Tires

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Compact Utility Tractor

1600 Series

Engine: 25.9–38.7 HP

Weight: 2437–3627 lb.

Lift Capacity: 2646 lb.

1600 series tractors give you the best of both worlds. Optimal for light- to medium-application labor, these premium compact utility vehicles offer both a small footprint and a competitive lift capacity, along with deluxe features designed to keep you comfortable.

  • Reinforced steel fenders & hood
  • Easy access to battery, air filter, fuel tank
  • Powerful steering – tight turning radius
  • mComfort seat with foldable armrests
  • Ideal Uses: Specialty, Rural, Home, Grounds Maintenance, Municipal