Lincoln Electric Inverter Rack – 4 Pack Rack V350-PRO

Code: 38-9372

These rack systems are ideal for grouping several inverter power sources in a portable industrial-grade package. The inverter rack is constructed of heavy gauge square tubular steel to ensure long life, yet

Inverter Racks

maintain an extremely compact size. These racks are the only racks on the market to feature
weather-resistant IP23S-rated power sources and a convenient standard main disconnect switch.

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  • One easy connection allows power source to be connected with one primary power drop
  • The power sources are factory installed in the rack and wired to the main power distribution panel
  • Entire system meets National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • 200A, 600V, 3 phase main disconnect switch
  • Individual fuses provide over current protection for power source
  • Standard length wiring ensures the power sources can be placed in any position on the rack
  • Two overhead lifting eyes, two fork lift slots