Month: September 2019


essential equipment for contractors during hurricane season

The Season of Challenge and Opportunity

Wind and water. Power outages. Downed trees and damaged buildings. If you’re a contractor or tradesman on the East Coast, you know that Hurricane Season (June 1st through November 30th) is something you, your crew, and your business have GOT to be prepared for. You need to keep your worksites safe and operational. You’ve got to remove water and clean up debris. You also have to be ready to respond to the sharp increases in demand for new work in the aftermath of the season’s most damaging storms.

The tool, supply, and construction rental equipment companies that serve contractors know how important storm season is, too. Working with a go-to rental partner you know and trust before Hurricane Season starts can help you be ready for both the challenges and business opportunities that come with it. The right choice will have not only the inventory and the expertise you need, but also the advice and service you really count on, from getting your crew the tools to keep working safely, to letting you reserve industrial generator rentals and other high-demand items that may be all booked up if you wait until a big storm is already on its way.