You Can’t Go Wrong: Here’s Everything That’s Right About Seasonal Skid Steer Rentals

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Seasonal Skid Steer Rentals

Even though fall cleanups are still going strong, it’s time to start planning for those winter jobs that are right around the corner. Here are a few reasons why seasonal skid steer rentals are the right choice for your landscaping business this year:

  • The Right Equipment for the Job – Any seasoned professional can tell you, there’s nothing worse than trying to get a job done with the wrong equipment. When you rent, however, you have the opportunity to pick the right sized skid steers for the job – and get all the attachments you need to go along with them. That way you and your team can get the job done right, the first time (and every time after that), ensuring things go as planned and your customer is happy.
  • The Price is Right – Simply put, renting is a cost-effective way to get the equipment you need for a job, right when you need it. Whether it’s a short term project or a longer commitment, seasonal skid steer rentals will allow you to expand your fleet and your company’s capabilities, without breaking the bank.
  • Reliability Right Now – Nothing can cripple a job quicker than broken down equipment. While you may get behind on maintaining your own fleet, that won’t be the case with rental equipment. Most reputable equipment rental companies have factory trained technicians on staff that regularly maintain their rental equipment. This keeps the equipment running at peak performance and helps prevent untimely breakdowns. And when troubles should arise, rental equipment companies can usually send a tech to your job site to repair the equipment on-site or simply swap it out for another machine.  Either way, your downtime is reduced significantly and your job can continue as planned.
  • The Right to Try Before You Buy – Buying a new skid steer can be a major business investment.  Add to that the time it takes to evaluate all the models currently on the market, and you’re talking about a serious commitment of both manpower and money. Seasonal skid steer rentals allow you to get hands-on experience with a machine before you buy, so you can see if it works the way YOU want/need it to work.
  • Right Here, Not 100 Miles Away – Are you working a job site or facility that isn’t local to your shop? Renting skid steers is a great option because it saves you from having to transport machines back and forth to the job, reducing fuel costs and set up time.

At Diamond Tool Equipment Rentals in Philadelphia, we do our best to keep things simple for you. From selecting the right skid steer to coordinating fast delivery to ongoing maintenance and support, our goal is to make sure your job runs smoothly. That’s why we’re Your Go-To Guys!




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