Seasonal Planning: Growing Your Business with Landscaping Equipment Rentals

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Renting gives you access to the equipment you need to get every job done right.

Landscaping Equipment Rentals Can Help You Cultivate a Healthy Operation

The landscaping business you run is as much of a living, growing thing as the lawns and trees you service. Depending on the weather, your business plans, and the needs of your clients, you need to do a lot of different things to keep it thriving, year after year. That requires knowledge, hard work, the right tools, and capable people for every job. It also means you need the flexibility to make decisions and take action, wherever and whenever it’s needed, without wasting time and money. And one of the most important and effective resources you need for your business to thrive is landscaping equipment rentals. You probably already use rentals, but true rental partners can help you be sure you’re using them in ways that make the most sense for your business.

As a landscaper in the tri-state area, you know that there’s no “one size fits all,” plan for equipment rental in Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Shifting weather and markets mean that new challenges and windows of opportunity can come up fast, and close just as quickly. Taking advantage of them might be as simple as deciding to make an extra skid steer rental, or it may mean experimenting with offering a branch of landscaping service new to your company, and renting the equipment you need before committing to it full time.

In this series of articles, you’ll see the different kinds of important flexibility that the smart use of landscaping equipment rentals brings to your business. This time, we’ll be focusing on the flexibility to keep your business strong throughout the changing weather, all year long.

Seasonal Flexibility

Here where the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic regions meet, weather can be extreme or unexpectedly mild, and it can turn on a dime. That means the seasonal landscaping needs for equipment rental in Philadelphia are always changing, too.

Make Unpredictable Weather Work for You
A heavy winter can mean enough extra snow removal work that a loader or skid steer rental will more than pay for itself. A milder winter could mean unfrozen ground, allowing you to rent an auger and get to work early on digging for fence posts and tree plantings. Big storms throughout the year can mean extra business cleaning up, or lost billable hours due to flooded client properties or closed roads. Reserving the right rentals as soon as extreme weather is forecast (and limiting your ownership of expensive pieces of equipment that can be easily sidelined during storm season) can make a big difference.

Take Advantage of Equipment Rentals for Reliable Seasonal Work
Even with the variable weather, some seasonal tasks are a given. While it makes sense to own some of the equipment required for these jobs, it can also be extremely profitable to plan on certain rentals to get the job done. Plan ahead to schedule predictable seasonal tasks into a single month or two, and reserve the landscaping equipment rentals you need to do them. Flower bed preparation is primarily in early spring, so you may only need compaction equipment and skid steer rental attachments for that for a month or two. And whether the year was hot or dry, you’ll only be winterizing irrigation systems in the fall. That means renting an air compressor just for this work can be very profitable, if you schedule it all close together.

Skip Off-Season Costs and Headaches.
The most convenient part of seasonal renting is the time and money you DON’T spend on equipment when you’re not using it. Unlike the vehicles and tools you buy, store, maintain, and upgrade, your rental equipment has zero off-season costs. And these saved costs are resources you can use to grow your business in other ways, like taking on more staff or on advertising.

Local, Capable, Reliable: Your Go-to Guys for Equipment Rentals

You probably already use rental equipment as part of your business. But chances are, landscaping equipment rentals could be working harder and smarter for your bottom line. The right rental partner can help that happen. To the big box national chains, you might be just another account number that gets generic advice and faceless service. On the flip side, relying on a small rental shop with limited selection and inventory can come up short when you need them most.

That’s why giving your business the flexibility to grow requires capable local partners you can trust for landscaping equipment rentals, like the team at Diamond Tool Equipment Rentals. As a fellow local business, we have insider understanding on equipment rental in Philadelphia, and we are invested in your long-term success.


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